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Przekaźnik sygnału 4-1393800-8 : Signal Relay 4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity

Przekaźnik sygnału 4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity

Signal Relay 4-1393800-8 ; V23009A0007A101  24VDC


Coil Current 83.3mA

Coil Voltage 24VDC

Contact Form 3PDT (3 Form C)

Contact Rating (Current) 8A

Switching Voltage 250VAC, 300VDC - Max

Termination Style Plug In

Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 65°C

Contact Material Silver Nickel (AgNi)

Coil Resistance 300 Ohms


net price: 156 Eur/pcs


minimalne zamówienie tylko 5 sztuk
minimum order is only 5 pieces


4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity dostępny w TECH-SAB

4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity available in the TECH-SAB


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Order the e-shop 4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity


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ORDER online shop 4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity


4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity realization of the order 7-21 days

4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity realizacja zamówienia 7-21 dni


4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity oryginalnie zapakowana,gwarancja producenta

4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity original packaging,manufacturer warranty


numer seryjny:4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity

Part No:Relay:4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity

Part Number:4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity


4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity pakowane po 5sztuk

4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity packed in 5pcs


nazwa producenta firma:4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity

Name of the Manufacturer:4-1393800-8 TE Connectivity